Jetpack Causing Duplicate Meta Descriptions

If you’re using Moz Toolbar to check your WordPress website’s meta data, you may come across the following error:

Multiple Meta Description tags found!

This issue is caused by two or more conflicting SEO plugins or themes.

In my case, it was built in SEO functionality of a theme on the Genesis framework, conflicting with the SEO Tools of the Jetpack plugin.

Whilst the Jetpack configuration didn’t specifically show these options in the settings dashboard, the the basics were enabled in the background.

Here’s how to keep the Jetpack plugin active, but disable its SEO tools:

  1. In the WordPress menu, select Jetpack > Dashboard.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page, in the lower menu find and click Debug.
  3. This loads the Jetpack Debugging Centre. Scroll to the bottom, find and click “Access the full list of Jetpack modules available on your site”.
  4. In the list of modules, locate ‘SEO TOOLS’.
  5. Hover over ‘SEO Tools’ and click ‘deactivate’.


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